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Карбонат магнію

Карбонат магнію

Карбонат магнію

Зовнішній вигляд: Білий порошок

Ім'я продукту: Карбонат магнію
Молекулярна формула: MgCO3
Молекулярна маса: 84.31
Чистота: 41%
Зовнішній вигляд: Білий порошок
Упаковка: 20kg / мішок


Light magnesium carbonate, which can be used as an excellent filler and reinforcing agent for rubber products, can be used for thermal insulation, high temperature resistant fireproof insulation materials and excellent insulation materials, and can also be used for manufacturing advanced glass products, magnesium salts, pigments, paints, Daily cosmetics and pharmaceutical products such as fire retardant coatings, printing inks, ceramics, cosmetics, toothpaste, etc.
Food grade light magnesium carbonate can be used as a flour additive, as well as desiccant, color protectant, carrier, anti-caking agent and anti-skid powder for athletes.

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