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Bicarbonate ya sodiamu

Bicarbonate ya sodiamu

Bicarbonate ya sodiamu

Bidhaa Jina:bicarbonate ya sodiamu

Majina mengine:sodium hydrogen carbonate, baking soda, saleratus, NaHCO3

Masi Mfumo:NaHCO3

Uzito wa masi:84.01

Kiwango cha daraja:Food grade/tech grade

usafi:99.5% min

kuonekana:poda nyeupe

HS Code (P.R.China):28363000

CAS:144 55-8-

EC:2056 33-8-

Class Grade:haipatikani

UN NO.:haipatikani

Ufungashaji:25kg / mfuko




Ugavi Uwezo:3000MT/month

Sodium bicarbonate is a very common and important chemical product. It’s odorless and very easy to get decomposed into Carbon Dioxide, Water and Sodium Carbonate when heated. The solubility of this item could be low in water, and the process is not affected much by temperature. This product is widely used as bulking agent, medicine material, food/feed additives, anti-staling agent, deodorizer, cleaning agent for both industry and daily life, tonnage, dying, printing, foaming, fire-extinguish agent etc in food, feed, and industrial areas accordingly.

ParameterVipimoMatokeo halisi
Content Of NaHCO3≥ 99.0 – 100.5 %99.71%
Loss On Dry≤ 0.20%0.12%
Thamani ya PH≤ 8.68.25
Content Of As (mg/kg)≤ 1.0
Content Of Heavy Metals (Calculate as Pb) (mg/kg)≤5.0<5.0
Content Of Ammonium SaltVia TestWaliohitimu
UwaziVia TestWaliohitimu
Content Of Chloride≤ 0.40%0.15%
weupe≥ 8593
KuonekanaWhite PodaWhite Poda

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