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Карбонат лития

Карбонат лития

Карбонат лития
Технические условия

Appearance: White powder/granular/powder

Наименование продукта: Карбонат лития
Молекулярная формула: Li2CO3
Молекулярная масса: 73.89
Чистота: 99.5%, 99.9%
Внешность: White powder/granular/powder
Упаковка: 25kg / мешок


Lithium carbonate is widely used in electrolytic aluminium, lithium bromide, enamel, glass, ceramics, glazes, steel continuous casting powder, special glass. Also used in the manufacturing of other lithium compounds, can be converted to lithium chloride, lithium metal, lithium fluoride, lithium hydroxide monohydrate etc…
Battery grade lithium carbonate can be used in the production of lithium-ion battery materials.
Pharmaceutical grade Lithium carbonate has a significant inhibitory effect on mania and can improve the emotional disorder of schizophrenia.

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