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Борная кислота

Борная кислота

Борная кислота
Технические условия

Industrial borax is a kind of white crystalline powder, odorless, satiny, slightly with pearly luster, triple slant squamous crystallization. Soluble in water, ethanol, glycerol and ether, aqueous solution is acidic, the solubility in water increases with temperature, and volatilize with water vapor.

Наименование продукта: Борная кислота
Молекулярная формула: H3BO3
Молекулярная масса: 61.83
Чистота: 99.9%
Внешность: Белый кристаллический порошок
Упаковка: 25kg / мешок


Most used in the glass and glass fiber, can improve the heat-resistance and transparency, increase mechanical strength.
Used in enamel and ceramic industry, can enhance luster and toughness of the enamel and ceramic products.
In addition, widely used in medicine, metallurgy, metal welding, leather, dyes, wood preservative and other fields.

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