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Hidroxid de litiu

Hidroxid de litiu

Hidroxid de litiu

Aspect: pulbere de cristal alb

numele produsului: Lithium hydroxide monohydrate
Formulă moleculară: LiOH
Greutate moleculară: 23.95
Puritate: 57% min
Aspect: Pulbere de cristal alb
Clasa de clasă: 8
NU: 2680
Ambalaj: 25kgs bag/500kgs bag/1000kgs bag


Lithium hydroxide can be used for making lithium salt and lithium grease, alkaline battery electrolyte, lithium bromide refrigerator absorption liquid, lithium soap (lithium soap), lithium salt, developer, etc. Used as a raw material for the preparation of lithium compounds. Can also be used in metallurgy, petroleum, glass, ceramics and other industries.