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Barium Carbonate

Barium Carbonate


Zog: Cov hmoov dawb dawb

Khoom npe:Barium Carbonate
Molecular Formula:BaCO3
Lub cev nyhav:197.34
tsos:Dawb hmoov
Class Grad: 6.1
UN NO.:1564
Cov:25kg / lub hnab

daim ntawv thov:

As excipients for ceramic coatings and optical glass are used in the manufacture of electronic components such as electronic ceramics, PTC thermistors, and capacitors. Analysis of iron in calcium, magnesium, manganese and zinc. Characterization and determination of halogens in organic compounds. It is used in the manufacture of barium salts, pigments, fireworks, rodenticide pottery, and as a filler and water clarifier. Used in catalysts. Production of electronic ceramics and purified water, production of pigments, coatings or other strontium salts for the production of optical glass, bismuth magnetic materials, etc. are important chemical raw materials for the production of glass tubes, magnetic materials and advanced optical glass. Excess sulfate in the chrome plating solution is also used in the white passivation solution of the galvanized layer, and can also be used to treat wastewater.

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