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बोरोन ऑक्साइड

बोरोन ऑक्साइड


Appearance: Colorless glassy crystal or white crystalline powder

उत्पाद नाम:बोरोन ऑक्साइड
समानार्थक शब्द:Boric Anhydride,Boron Trioxide
आण्विक सूत्र:B2O3
आणविक वजन:69.62
पवित्रता:99% तक
सूरत:Colorless glassy crystal or white crystalline powder
पैकिंग:25kg / बैग


Raw materials for boron and various boron compounds, fluxes for enamel and ceramic glaze, refractory materials, welding materials, additives for furnace lining materials, fire retardant of flame retardant coating , organic synthesis catalyst, general chemical reagents, etc.

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