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How the enamel products (coating by enamel frit )affect our daily life

April 03,2024

Do you really love colorful plates, mugs, and bowls? Do you know that those dishes are coated by enamel frit? The Joylong Enamel frit is a special material which makes for our daily life more and brings a large amount of importance.


Enamel frit is a type of melted glass and fused onto metal surfaces such as steel, aluminum, or cast iron. This coating makes the metal non-reactive and smooth, which stops rust as well as corrosion. Enamel frit is also resistant to scratches and spots, which means that your dishes and cookware will look new for a right long time.



Enamel frit just isn't a new invention. The Joylong Enamel frits are used for centuries in several cultures for jewelry, art, as well as architecture. Nonetheless, with the advancement of technology, enamel frit was now more durable and accessible than in the past. The modern enamel can withstand high temperatures that is compatible with different materials.


Enamel frit is a safe and non-toxic material. The Joylong enamel frit maybe not contain harmful chemical substances that lead or cadmium, which can be discovered in some types of glazes. Enamel frit is also easy to wash and also does not retain odors or tastes.


Enamel frit is used in several household items like dishes, cookware, sinks, and bathtubs. The Joylong hot sale enamel frit is also used in industrial applications like boilers, pipes, and tanks. Enamel frit can feel colored in different colors as well as textures, which ensure it is perfect for different styles and designs.

How to use?

Using of enamel frit products are easy. You can use them like almost any pot or dish. However, there are some simple things to keep in mind to ensure the durability of the enamel coating. Tend not to use metal utensils on the enamel surface as they can scratch the coating. Try not to heat the enamel product on high heat or an open flame. Instead, use low to medium heat to avoid sudden temperature.


Enamel frit products have a long lifespan that need minimal maintenance. This means they are convenient as well as cost-effective. You don't need to be concerned about replacing your dishes or cookware every few years.


Enamel frit items are top quality and deal an outstanding cooking to enjoy. The smooth as well as non-reactive surface for also heat circulation and avoids food from sticking. You can prepare a variety of meals in enamel frit pots and frying pans, from sautéed veggies to slow-cooked stews.



Enamel frit isn't really finest used for useful needs however additionally for visual functions. Enamel frit items are offered in various colors as well as designs, which can match any kitchen area design. You can select a set of enamel frit meals in your preferred color or even distinct design which shows your character.

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