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The feature and applicaton of Boron fertilizer

April 20,2023

Boron fertilizer is very important for the growth of crops.

Follow is the fearture and application of boron fertilizer.

1.Easy to absorb: After application, it can be quickly absorbed and utilized by plant leaves, stems, flowers and fruits

2.Fast dissolution: even at low temperature, it can be quickly dissolved into water or more viscous liquid.

3. Good compatibility: the aqueous solution is close to neutral and can be mixed with most chemical pesticides.

4. The effect of increasing yield is obvious: when the soil is deficient in boron, the application of this product can increase the yield by 15-45%, and obviously improve the quality of crops. Less input, quicker effect, improved quality

5. Convenient and safe application: It can be quickly dissolved and sprayed at any temperature, and it has no residual toxicity to soil and crops.

The application of boron fertilizer include rape, cotton,soybeans, peanuts, sesame, fruit trees,tobacco, tea, corn, sunflower, fruits and vegetables, flowers and other crops.


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