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The Types Of Enamel Frit

April 20,2023

Many people know a lot about ceramics and ceramic enamel, but not much about enamel frit. Enamel frit, generally appears in every household as daily-use utensils, such as enamel cups, enamel pots, or some stoves are also made in enamel. Modern enamel is more applied to industry and public areas. The enamel frit is a material used to coat metal substrates, and is fired at high temperature to make real enamel products. Today we will briefly introduce the types of enamel frit

There are various types of enamel frit.

According to the coating process, they can be divided into enamel ground coat frit, enamel cover coat frit, transparent frit, and direct on enamel frit.

According to the metal substrate, they can be divided into cast iron enamel frit, steel plate enamel frit, aluminum enamel frit, stainless steel enamel frit, etc.

According to the function of the enamel frit, they can be divided into acid-resistant enamel frit, explosion-proof enamel frit, etc.

According to the enamel decoration,they can be devided inoto colored titanium surface enamel frit and pearlescent enamele frit etc.

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