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Enamel Frits influence On Quality of Enamel Products

April 20,2023

The melting quality of enamel frit has a great relationship with the quality of enamel products.

The quality of enamel mentioned here refers to the excessive melting and impermeability of the enamel.

1. Excessive melting of the base coat will reduce the adhesion strength of the  enamel product,  and the porcelain surface is easy to wrinkle orange peel. Even if the enamel lacks the top coat, it cannot be compensated, and it may cause burnt spots and pitting; The firing temperature is increased, the porcelain surface is boiling, and the adhesion strength is poor.

2. Excessive melting of the antimony ground coat will reduce the turbidity of the enamel product and poor whiteness; if the melting is impermeable, the gloss of the porcelain surface of the enamel product will decrease, which may cause white pitting.

3. Excessive melting of titanium enamel makes the porcelain surface of enamel products yellow and gray, poor whiteness, and low gloss; if titanium enamel is not penetrated, the porcelain surface is blue-gray and the gloss is also poor.

The melting degree of enamel frit not only affects the appearance quality of enamel products, but also has a certain impact on the physical and chemical properties of enamel products such as acid resistance, alkali resistance, mechanical strength, adhesion, gloss and whiteness. Therefore, in the enamel production process, each process parameter must be strictly controlled to ensure the quality of the melting.


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