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Direct On Glaze (DOG) is simply some kind of ceramic glaze that's utilized directly into a ceramic item with the capturing treatment that's final. Its own possibly among one of the absolute most methods that are actually prominent developing items that are ceramic it provides a couple of advantages over antique under glaze techniques. We'll talk around the fantastic factors for using direct on glaze coming from Joylong, precisely exactly how it truly is revolutionary, risk-free, and the very best implies to place it to utilize.

Benefits of Direct On Glaze:

Among the best prominent functions of using Joylong's direct on glaze will certainly it be actually provides a total and soft this is definitely glossy unlike under glaze methods that might appear grainy or even boring. This can easily enable it to become more welcoming to a person's eye and for that reason includes worth for your items that are ceramic. Another profit of creating use of direct on glaze just like high quality ground glaze is that it enables more styles which is frequently elaborate information to become recreated for your item, which is actually difficult to perform along with traditional under glazes. For that reason, if you wish to create distinct and styles that might be fancy direct on glaze is the method through which in which to obtain.

Why choose Joylong Direct on glaze?

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Quality and Durability:

Whenever properly terminated and utilized, direct on glaze produces a surface that's incredibly resilient can easily final for many years. Joylong's ground enamel glaze is actually immune to use and tear, and its own simple to cleanse along with just a material this is damp. Its own resilience triggers it to become a choice that's ideal creating useful ceramic items like meals, bowls, and mugs.

Application of Direct On Glaze:

Direct on glaze could be used on a selection that's broad of items, consisting of cups, meals, bowls, and figurines. Its own specifically useful for consisting of brilliant and styles which are vibrant your porcelains. It truly is finest for entertainers which desire a simple and simple method for utilizing good smoothness transparent glaze to their styles without any to wait on a period that's prolonged.

And direct on glaze created through Joylong is actually simply a development that's fantastic offers amazing advantages over traditional under glaze techniques. It enables artists to create more elaborate styles and information and is unquestionably a simple and technique that's place that's risk-free a dynamic surface for your porcelains. A venture today if you had prefer to broaden your ingenious point of views and create beautiful ceramic items, provide direct on glaze!

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