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Zirconium Silicate

Zirconium Silicate


Appearance characteristics:powder color is grayish white, and high-performance zirconium silicate has two conditions of whitening and stability

High melting point of zirconium silicate: 2500 ℃

Chemical formula: ZrSiO4

Molecular weight: 183.31

CAS NO. 10101-52-7

EINECS 233-252-7

Quality index:content (%)

Zirconia Zr (Hf) O2: 40,50,60, 64

Al2O3: 1.01

Silicon dioxide SiO2: 33.20

Calcium oxide CaO: 0.02

MgO: < 0.01

Potassium oxide K2O: < 0.01

Sodium oxide Na2O: < 0.01

TiO2: 0.07

Loss on ignition (1025 ℃): 0.72


Whiteness value: 80-92 at 1200 ℃ for 30min

Packing: 25kgs or 50kgs bag.


Main applications:architectural ceramics, emulsified glass, enamel glaze.

Zirconium silicate powder, with stable chemical properties, is a high-quality and inexpensive opacifier, which is widely used in the production of various building ceramics, sanitary ceramics, household ceramics, first-class handicraft ceramics, etc. It is widely used in the processing and production of ceramic glaze. Zirconium silicate has good chemical stability, so it is not affected by ceramic firing atmosphere, and can significantly improve the body glaze bonding property of ceramics, and improve the hardness of ceramic glaze.

Zirconium silicate also has the following main uses:

1.Can be used in TV industry to manufacture color picture tubes

2.Glass industry manufactures emulsified glass

3.Production of enamel glaze

4.Refractory materials, zirconium ramming materials for glass furnaces, castables, spraying coatings, etc

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